Income Tax Concerns with Receipt of Stock Grants






I have a client that wants to grant stock to his employees in order to “incentivize” them to work harder for the company.  However, there are particular tax issues that not only the employer but the employee need to be aware of when they receive their stock grant.  The following article addresses those concerns.


Contractors, advisers, and employees (collectively, “Service Providers”) who receive property that is non-transferrable or subject to a substantial risk of forfeiture must generally defer their income recognition until those conditions no longer apply. However, due to the potential appreciation in the property (for example, in value of start-up equity) the ordinary income ultimately recognized could be significantly greater than the initial value. The Service Provider may be able to significantly reduce their taxes, and the employer may create a significant compensation incentive, if the Service Providers make the election under Internal Revenue Code Section 83(b) to recognize the income currently, notwithstanding the forfeiture risks. Timing of this election is critical as it must be made within 30 days after the property is transferred to the Service Provider.

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